Leading Features

Amazing features that help you manage campaigns and get a competitive edge in your industry. A single platform for all your digital marketing needs.

Checks 100+ SEO Bugs

Crawl your website just like Search Engines do and identify 100+ common SEO bugs that decline your website’s search engine rankings.

Detect Thin/Empty Pages

Gauge the quality of content and identify pages that need to be enhanced through content analysis.

Competitor Benchmarking

Examine the competitor’s Content, Keywords, Local Listings, Email Campaigns, and the like to understand what works for them and curate campaigns to outshine them.

Audit Redirects

Identify temporary and permanent redirects, redirect chains and loops and even upload a list of URLs to audit in a site migration.

Schema Markup Audit

The structured and validation data when formatted into HTML code can be difficult to interpret by web crawlers. SiteHike Grader can help your page in SERPs by getting it right.

Eliminate Duplicate Content

Identify duplicate URLs and other redundancies in page titles, descriptions and headings.

Google Analytics integration

Effortless integration with Google Analytics, Google Webmaster and Google Ads for deriving useful insights from conversions, bounce rates and revenue for landing pages.

Review Robots & Directives

Identify URLs blocked by meta robots, X-Robots-Tag directives and robots.txt. Also find out canonicals along with rel=“next” and rel=“prev”. 

Track Social Media*

Monitor mentions, social media campaigns as well as reputation. Enhance your local marketing presence while improving the efficiency.

Gauge Email Marketing*

Track the email marketing campaigns run by your competitors. Devise your strategy accordingly.

Understand Your Customers

Find out the top keywords and questions typed by your prospects to create high-quality content around them.

Valuable SEO Insights

Understand each issue and its potential impact on your SEO rankings. Discover solutions and flag, mark or recrawl as needed.

Automatic Issue Alerts

The tool identifies any critical issue that might negate your efforts and notifies you so that you can take the right action.

Manage Everything via a Single Tool

Forget the hassle of switching between numerous tools and handle everything from a single platform.