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Here are some common questions about Sitehike


Getting Started

Find out how to create your first project, enter queries, and connect Google products.

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Manage your campaigns and competitors along with other options through your account.

Sitehike Site Crawl

User manuals and FAQs on every tool and report in Sitehike.

Common Questions

Get help via frequently asked quesions such as managing projects, users and more.

Getting Started

Here’s all you need to know to get started with Sitehike

What is Sitehike?

Sitehikeis the swiss army knife of digital marketing that can be used to gain marketing insights and improve online visibility.

Basic functions are free, but you can also choose to upgrade to SitehikePremium. Either way, you can:

  • Audit your website
  • Analyze your Competition
  • Grade your website schema
  • Analyze your SEO
  • Schedule reports
  • Get PageSpeed Insights

Integrate with Google Analytics

How to get started with Sitehike?

Here’s all you need to get started with Sitehike:

Create your account:

You can create your account on the Sitehike ​website ​by clicking on the Sign Up button

Signup with Email

This lets you log in to Sitehike using your email and password Enter your email address.

Choose and confirm your password Click on Sign up

Signup with Google

This lets you log in to Sitehike with your Google Account, and your Gmail ID shows in your profile


Choose the account you wish to sign up with.

Signup with LinkedIn

This lets you log in to Sitehike with your LinkedIn Account.


If you’re not already logged into LinkedIn, you’re directed to enter your LinkedIn details to allow Sitehike to access to your LinkedIn account.

Creating your First Project
Once you log in to your Sitehike account, you can enter a website address that will serve as the base of the project. It’s recommended to enter your root domain. Hit the GET STARTED button next.

Enter your website

Sitehike will then crawl the pages in your domain and present all the relevant findings in an easy to understand report with the tasks prioritized and segmented according to category. You can navigate between multiple projects by using the Select a Project menu in the top left.


What are Tasks?
When you first initialize Sitehike, it scans your site and gauges it’s health. Any issues and errors are then presented to you in a format that is both easily understandable and actionable. They are also categorized into groups depending on the severity. Sitehike also provides insight into how to best to tackle that particular task. You can delegate these “Tasks” by assigning them to “Users” who are a part of your team.


What is Sitehike Crawler?

The crawler is part of the Sitehike Digital Marketing Suite. It is a cloud based crawler that can be used to analyze your site, external sites, sitemaps, and URL structures, etc. Sitehike crawlers allow you to zero-in on the issues that are negatively impacting your SEO. The Sitehike crawler can be used to:

  • Perform Technical Audits
  • Troubleshoot errors during Website Migration
  • Auditing links and link errors.
  • Analyze your Landing Pages

Optimize your Web Architecture

How is Sitehike crawler different from other services?

Sitehike crawler is designed to make managing your site simpler! It crawls through the pages on your site with remarkable speed and presents the data in a format that is actionable as well as easy to understand.

Sitehike is not affected by the limitations of your local machine or the processes running on it, as Sitehike is a cloud-based tool. Thus, the crawl size is larger and the speed faster than the conventional software-based crawlers.

Does Sitehike crawl in real-time?
Sitehike crawls your website in real-time and extracts data from the pages without any errors and delays. It simulates the way a search engine spider crawls a site and detects problems that allow for optimal SEO results.
Can I set Sitehike Crawler to automatically crawl my site?
Yes, you can schedule Sitehike Crawler to run at predetermined times for example, twice every day at a specific time or once a week or bi-monthly. Report generation can also be scheduled per your requirements
Will the crawler slow down my site?
Sites experiencing a slow down due to Sitehike’s Crawler is a rare occurrence. This happens if the capacity of your site isn’t able to handle requests due to increased user demand. You can resolve this by upgrading your site’s capacity or by using Robot.txt files that mark pages to be avoided by the crawler or schedule the crawler to only run during quiet times.

Common Questions

How can Sitehike improve my website content?
Sitehike detects pages that need to be improved in terms of content as well as Title Tags, Meta Descriptions, and URLs. Sitehike can also be used to analyze your competition’s content and keywords to reverse-engineer your campaigns by getting insights into what works for them. This can save you tons of time and money when researching, writing or auditing new content
How can Sitehike improve my SEO?
Sitehike crawls the pages of your website to identify 300+ common SEO errors, sorts them according to the severity and creates Tasks. This information helps you identify the errors and assign these tasks to relevant team members.
Can Sitehike analyze my competition?
Yes, using the Competitor Benchmarking you can analyze the top performing content, keywords, local listings, and email marketing campaigns of your competitors. This can be used to gain insights into what works for your competition and helps tweak your campaigns accordingly.
Can Sitehike give insights about my website visitors?
Yes! Sitehike can be integrated with Google Analytics, Google AdWords, and Google Search Console to analyze behavior metrics like Pages/Sessions and Bounce Rates. You can also track conversion metrics for your landing pages and get insights into your organic traffic and post-click data like Goal Completion.
Can Sitehike detect unusual redirects on my website?
Yes! Sitehike crawls your website to identify broken internal links, duplicate URLs, redirect chains and loops as well as blocked URLs. Apart from this, Sitehike can also detect elements that affect visibility like code optimization and schema structure. These issues are then sorted according to priority/severity so you can start addressing them right away. Sitehike’s powerful website crawler can be scheduled to re-crawl your site on a daily or weekly basis.
What is the page count limit?

The number of pages and sites crawled by Sitehike depends on the plan you have subscribed to.

  •  Basic ​lets you crawl 50,000 pages and one website/project.
  •  Pro ​lets you crawl 100,000 pages and up to three websites/projects.
  •  Business ​lets you crawl 500,000 pages and unlimited websites/projects.

Subscription types also affect the limits of other tools included in the Sitehike Suite (for example, the number of competitors that can be analyzed differs for different levels of subscription). You can upgrade your subscription as per your requirements anytime.

How Many Projects can I launch?
Depending on your Sitehike Subscription you can launch and manage one project (Basic Subscription), five projects (Pro Subscription) or unlimited projects if you have the Business Subscription.